Our club is not only about being at university and racing for the club. We have a whole network of past members, the most loyal of whom become VPs (honoury position of Vice President). The VPs are very important to the club and we send them letters up to three times a year in order to keep them up to date with the club news, including brief race reports and upcoming socials.

Below, we have made the VP letters from 2001 available for you to see. (as well as a team photo from back in the 70s in The Isle of Man, containing several VPs)

isleofman8012 - Copy

VP Letters 2011-

Letter EditionWriterFile
Letter EditionWriterFile
2016 WinterDan PettittOpen
2016 AutumnDan PettittOpen
2016 SummerDan PettittOpen
2015 SummerJosh NevinOpen
2015 SpringDowan KwonOpen
2015 WinterNiall McSharryOpen
2014 AutumnNiall McSharryOpen
2012 AutumnJayant NainOpen
2011 MarchRavi HensmanOpen
Mike Holden photobombing a past girls’ snap

VP Letters 2001-2010

Letter EditionWriterFile
Letter EditionWriterFile
2010 NovemberRavi HensmanOpen
2010 SeptemberRavi HensmanOpen
2010 MarchDan AnsellOpen
2009 NovemberDan AnsellOpen
2009 OctoberDan AnsellOpen
2008 AutumnLisa AinslieOpen
2008 SummerHelen WadeOpen
2008 SpringHelen WadeOpen
2007 AutumnHelen WadeOpen
2007 SpringBen LiuOpen
2006 WinterBen LiuOpen
2006 SummerBen LiuOpen
2005 AutumnTom HoldenOpen
2004 MarchDawn FosterOpen
2002 SpringJames BrownOpen
2001 AutumnJames BrownOpen
2001 SummerJames BrownOpen
2001 JanuaryHenry BeardOpen
Champions… yet again!