What an all round smashing weekend! Sam Drinkale did his thing and the relays was a massive success. We recorded the best set of results we’ve had in years and a record attendance as well!

The A teams finished 7th, 2nd and 1st for men’s, women’s and mixed categories respectively. 9 past members competed on top of the 60 present members. To top it all off, we won the beer race! (again)

Birmingham Athletics & XC (BUAC) won the men’s and the women’s races with Jonathan Davies (BUAC) and Amelia Pettitt (Newcastle) recording the fastest leg times, 8:32 and 10:08 respectively. Huge congratulations!

The full team results are now available here and the individual results here.

Next stop is Area XC League fixture in Sherdley Park and then Edinburgh Braids!