Training Routes

These are a selection on our favourite routes. All routes start at the Armitage Centre. To be safe you should always try to do your training in groups of two or more. Where this is unaviodable we reccommend you run during daylight hours. Distances are approximate.

Tesco run : 6 miles/ 9.5 km : Map
Named after said supermarket which is approximately half way round. Get the tedious bit out the way first, down Kingsway to Tesco. Then back up the Wilmslow Road through East Disdbury, and Withington.

Brewery Run: 5.7 miles/ 9.2 km : Map
Start along Wilbraham Road before turning right along the busy Princess Road. Carry on through the sanctuary of Moss Side before turning right when you see the Royal Brewery, which is where the nation’s Fosters is brewed. You then reach the start of the Curry Mile where you turn right onto Hathersage Road, which takes you down through Rusholme and back to the Armitage.

Biscuit Factory : 6.2 miles/ 10 km : Map
A route taking in the wonderful smells of  the McVities biscuit factory. The run continues along the Stockport Road to Heaton Chapel before cutting across and back up the Kingsway. Don’t do it on an empty stomach!

South Manchester Parkrun: 3.2 miles/ 5 km : Map
The route of South Manchester Parkrun, where you’re guaranteed to find several members racing around every Saturday morning at 9am.

UMIST : 7.4 miles/12 km : Map
A medium distance run to the North Campus (formally UMIST). A common route during winter training as it stays mostly snow and ice free.


South Manchester Parks

In case you’ve ever wondered how big each park is

Platt Fields : 1.6 miles/2.6 km : Map

Birchfields : 1.2 miles/1.9 km : Map

Cringle (fields) : 0.8 miles/1.25 km : Map

Cringle (park) : 0.8 miles/1.25 km : Map

Ladybarn : 0.65 miles/1 km : Map

Fog Lane : 1 mile/1.6 km : Map

Alexandra : 1.1 miles/1.8 km : Map