A huge, ORANGE thank you to everyone who joined us at our relays yesterday.

We had a great turnout of over a hundred different teams.

For those of you who missed the presentation after the race, University of Birmingham won both the men’s and women’s races and the University of Nottingham won the mixed race.

Men’s individual prizes went to Jonny Davies (Birmingham), Joe Steward (Leeds) and Zac Miller (Trafford AC) having ran the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd fastest legs respectively.

As for the women’s, Marise Haynes, Georgina Outten and Cath Blew (all Birmingham) ran the three fastest legs so congratulations!

Full set of results available on this page.


The social afterwards was equally as good if not better.

Alehouse won the boat race which we all saw coming and Shahenshah didn’t know what hit them.

Same again next year?


P.S. Another big thank you to Simon O’Meara, our relays secretary who had the massive job of organising the event, not to forget the huge list of volunteers who willingly helped out. Adam Sciacca, our social secretary who organised the curry and the night out afterwards deserves huge credit. Relays wouldn’t exist without you all.